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2012 - Romania, welcome to the EU customs union!
Customs and Logistics Conference

April 4th 2012 09.00 - Intercontinental Hotel Bucharest

Is your company involved in any way in non-community trading? Does it import/export goods, take care of transport arrangements or customs clearance? Are you working in finance, logistics or customs departments? Do you deal with the customs broker or are you one of them?

If yes, then please join this Deloitte event to find out from customs specialists about:

  • A radiography of the Romanian customs system 5 years after accession
  • Insights into the Dutch customs practice – Rotterdam customs office and the business environment (risk analysis, simplifications awarded, AEO incentives, etc.)
  • How to say farewell to the customs operations performed before 1 January 2007. Only those performed after January 2009 are still open for audit!
  • 10 reasons why a CFO should keep his hands on the customs operations
  • Customs simplifications – a way to improve your supply chain time and cost-wise
  • Pitfalls of customs litigation and how to overcome them
  • Supply Chain optimizations – why and how & what does it mean for (business in) Romania
  • Constanta as entry gate to Europe – foreseen benefits for Romania
  • Hidden customs duties in the price of the products – who should be lifting the veil? Logistics, finance, customs broker?
  • How can you become a customs debtor when you act as a middleman; and
  • Recent ECJ decisions on customs matters and their impact on trade.

The cornerstone of this event will be the its practical content delivered by a mix of speakers from consultants to trading and logistic companies, both national and EU citizens. During the conference, you will have the opportunity to discuss the situations you face on a day to day basis and receive useful and substantiated advice from customs professionals.

Please join us on April 4th, 2012 at Hotel Intercontinental at our Customs & Logistics Conference

“2012 – Romania, welcome to the EU customs union!“

Pieter Wessel

Pieter Wessel

Starting March 2009, Pieter Wessel has joined Deloitte Romania as Tax Partner specialized in customs and VAT. Pieter first joined Deloitte in 2002, then becoming the Indirect Tax team Leader and Sub-Service line Leader for Indirect Tax in the top-market sector for the Netherlands.


Incepand cu luna martie 2009, Pieter Wessel s-a alaturat Deloitte Romania ca Partener specializat pe aspecte vamale si TVA in cadrul departamentului taxe. Pieter a inceput colaborarea cu Deloitte in 2002, fiind initial lider al departamentului Taxe indirecte, devenind mai apoi responsabil in cadrul acestui departament pentru sectorul intreprinderilor mijlocii din Olanda.

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Johan Hollebeek
Deloitte Customs and Global Trade (“CGT”) group

Johan Hollebeek
Partener in grupul Vama si Comert International ("CGT") al Deloitte

Johan is partner in the Deloitte Customs and Global Trade (“CGT”) group since 2011. He is a member of the Steerco of the Global Deloitte CGT group responsible for the learning curriculum. He works as tax advisor on CGT issues since 1998. Before that he studied tax law with a specialization on indirect taxation.


Johan este partener in grupul Vama si Comert International ("CGT") al Deloitte, din 2011. Lucreaza ca si consultant fiscal pe probleme de vama si comert international inca din 1998. Inainte de aceasta a studiat dreptul fiscal, specializarea sa fiind impozitarea indirecta.

Johan a ajutat de-a lungul anilor o mare varietate de clienti pe probleme de vama si comert international, printre care, furnizori de servicii de logistica de mari dimensiuni, comercianti si producatori. El a fost, de asemenea, implicat in dezvoltarea unui sistem de management vamal, pe care Deloitte l-a dezvoltat pentru clientii sai.

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Mihai Petre
Coordinator of Customs and Excise Practice
Deloitte Romania

Customs Working Group

Mihai Petre
Coordonatorul departamentului de accize si vama
Deloitte Romania

al Grupului de lucru vamal  

Mihai brings an experience of over ten years in advising local and multinational companies on customs and VAT matters.

Mihai is the coordinator of Customs and Excise Practice of Deloitte Romania and also the Chairman of the Customs Working Group whereby it works closely with the Customs authorities in Romania to improve the customs legislation.


Mihai are o experienta de peste zece ani in consilierea companiilor locale si multinationale pe aspecte vamale si de TVA.

Mihai este coordonatorul departamentului de accize si vama Deloitte Romania si, de asemenea, Presedinte al Grupului de lucru vamal prin care se lucreaza indeaproape cu autoritatile vamale din Romania pentru a imbunatati legislatia vamala.

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Ludmila Leontiev

Ludmila Leontiev

Ludmila is a tax specialist with over 5 years of experience in indirect taxation field. She started her career as a customs broker in Republic of Moldova and further moved to Romania, where she developed her experience in customs and global trade area.


Ludmila este specialist fiscal cu o experienta de peste 5 ani in domeniul taxelor indirecte. Si-a inceput cariera ca si comisionar vamal in Republica Moldova si mai tarziu s-a mutat in Romania, unde si-a dezvoltat experienta in domeniul vamal si in domeniul comertului international.

A fost implicata in redactarea rapoartelor de pre-aderare in domeniul taxelor vamale si alte proiecte de consultanta cu privire la aplicarea masurilor tranzitorii ale Uniunii Europene, precum si in pregatirea diverselor cursuri in domeniul vamal.

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Daniela Neagoe

Daniela Neagoe

Daniela is a tax specialist with over ten years of experience in customs field.

She started her career as an inspector in National Customs Authority and further moved to a Big 4 consultancy company, where she developed her experience in customs. Also, she started to develop her experience in Environmental Fund field. She was actively involved in drafting pre-accession reports on customs, tax review reports on customs and Environmental fields, due diligences, customs planning, customs and environment fund trainings.


Daniela este specialist fiscal cu o specializare de peste 10 ani in domeniul vamal.

Si-a inceput cariera ca inspector la Autoritatea Nationala a Vamilor si a continuat in cadrul unei alte companii din Big4, unde si-a dezvoltat experienta in domeniul taxelor vamale. De asemenea, s-a implicat in mai multe proiecte privind consultanta in domeniul Fondului pentru mediu. S-a implicat activ in redactarea rapoartelor pre-aderare in domeniul vamal, revizii fiscale si cu privire la aspecte de mediu, planificare fiscala si vamala, precum si in mai multe cursuri pe teme din domeniul vamal si de mediu.

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Robin Martens

Robin Martens

Robin is an independent management consultant and business development expert with over 15 years international experience within a wide range of industries.

His main activities are centered in Romania, where he is active since 1991. The main areas of expertise are inter-modal & transport development, supply chain optimization, business development, business park development, training.


Robin este un consultant independent in management si expert in dezvoltarea afacerilor avand peste 15 ani de experienta internationala intr-o gama larga de industrii.

Robin isi desfasoara principalele activitatii in Romania inca din 1991. Principalele domenii de expertiza sunt dezvoltarea inter-modala a transportului, optimizarea lantului de aprovizionare, dezvoltarea mediului de afaceri, dezvoltarea unui parc de business, formarea profesionala.

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Sala FORTUNA, et. 21

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